FlowKooler hi-flow water pumps

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Almost twenty years ago, FlowKooler pioneered a hi flow water pump that resolved slow speed overheating and stop-and-go traffic overheating. FlowKooler recently introduced the newest generation of impeller systems that are changing the industry.   FlowKooler pump impellers are CNC precision machined with tightened clearances, larger diameters, porting, shrouding and incremental vanes. FlowKooler can achieve higher flow rates at low RPMs than OEM and premium aftermarket replacement and they outperform all along the rpm curve until maximum flow rate is realized by system constriction. At this point the pressure benefits or reduce steam pockets in the block, and reduced onset of cavitation. Each machined impeller is protected with an Type II Military Grade anodized surface coating.

With more performance applications being added and the introduction of retrofits for numbers-matching cars, FlowKooler’s product line continues to expand.  Pumps are available directly from FlowKooler or through their distributors nationwide and each is backed with a two year warranty.

Who buys FlowKooler pumps? They have been sold to street rodders, 4x4 rock crawlers, RV owners, fork lift manufacturers, new car dealers, fleet manager, truck owners and numerous people with a conditional overheating problem or "design" overheating problem.

Whether cruising around town on hot days at low RPM or up long grades under load, FlowKooler hi- flow water pumps keep it cool.